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Another day, another advent calendar drama. First there was #BountyGate – an issue that divided the whole nation when people opened up their Celebrations advent calendars to discover Bounty chocolates two days on the trot.

Then came #CadburyGate, which saw kids being forced to tears when they didn’t get any chocolate at all behind the doors of their calendars.

Now Hotel Chocolat is under the spotlight, after shoppers spotted a big problem with some of its vegan advent calendars.

Posting on Twitter, several people pointed out a rather big issue they’d been presented with when they came to open up day three of the calendar.

Comedian Justin Moorhouse wrote: “Ok. So this Advent Calendar from @hotelchocolat contains no dairy,nuts,gluten and wheat. And what ‘annoyingly’ else? It’s the 3rd today. If you need a clue.”

Can you see it?

The more eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that there’s no day 3 on the advent calendar (which is a bit awkward, with today being 3 December and everything). There is, however, two doors for 7 December, so at least there’s more fun to be had come Saturday.

People were quick to laugh about it, with one Twitter user writing: “It’s three from everything it seems (hmm, that joke doesn’t work typed down).”

“I’d take it back. Does this mean that you now need to open presents a day early?” questioned somebody else.

“I think its a clever joke. Free From! so theres no 3,” said somebody else.

“Could be worse – I have a Celebrations advent calendar & the first 2 days were Bounty,” wrote another Twitter user, clearly still feeling burnt by the whole #BountyGate ordeal.

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Bethan Pickering also found day number three missing from her Free From Hotel Chocolat advent calendar.

She tweeted: “Erm @HotelChocolat where’s me number 3 hun?! And why are there two 7’s?! You had one job.”

“Hey @HotelChocolat loving the advent calendar but where is door number 3.  I want my chocolate!!!” exclaimed somebody else.

Manchester Evening News has contacted Hotel Chocolat for comment

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