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10 reasons why online stores lack visitors Updated for 2021

Posted at February 23rd, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 12, 2021

10 reasons why online stores lack visitors

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10 reasons why online stores lack visitors

Is your online store website still empty of visitors? Even if you have tried several things, starting with SEO optimization, placing ads, promotions on social networks, etc. Try to look at some of the following reasons that make your online store empty of visitors. Perhaps some of the following reasons are the cause. Here are 10 reasons why online stores are empty of visitors:

1. The website loads too much
Potential customers / visitors are the laziest when it comes to waiting for a long website load. Although the product you sell is of good quality and attractive. If it is difficult to access, visitors will immediately leave your website and switch to another website that sells similar products that are more easily accessible.
Complicated and lengthy navigation also causes visitors to immediately leave your website because it is confusing for them. Create a navigation system that makes it easy for visitors to find the products and information they are looking for.


3. Writing and spelling mistakes
Sometimes this is a basic mistake that can prove fatal. No one would buy if they didn’t trust you in the first place. For example, word, spelling, language errors, and other basic issues on a product page or on a product page reduce credibility. Always make sure to thoroughly check the content of your entire website.
4. Low-quality content
Don’t just create content, make it unique and useful. If your content is useful, visitors and SEOs will like it.
5. Poor image quality
Image quality greatly affects the decrease in the number of visitors to your online store website. Images that are too small, wrinkled and broken are not to the liking of visitors. Provide good quality images even if necessary can be enlarged. This allows consumers to zoom in to examine more details about the product.
6. Disturbing video / music sound
The video or the sound of the music / songs playing automatically can annoy the visitors and also prolong the page load time.
7. No product reviews
Of course, online customers will be more careful when they want to buy products online. Because they can’t directly touch the product, that’s why they look for ways to get more information about the product. The fewer reviews about the product, the more visitors will not trust or doubt your product. You can request testimonials from your clients, who really help convince your potential clients to take action.
8. Price comparison
If the product you are selling is a mass / mass produced product. So the price comparison is very influential. Today’s online shoppers can easily search other websites to compare prices. Customers are always looking for the best deals. It is different if the product you sell is very limited and with a special design. So the price is easy to control.
9. No coupon / discount promotion
Customers like promotions. If they don’t find promotional coupons / discounts in the online store, they can leave your site and shop at other places that offer attractive promotions / discounts.
10. The payment / checkout process is too long and complicated
When a customer wants to pay but the process is too long and complicated, this will make the buyer uncomfortable and may cancel the purchase of the product. Make the checkout / checkout process easy for buyers to understand.

5 psychological tricks to attract buyers in online stores

Do you think a lot of your online store websites visit but only a few sales conversions occur? This means that many have looked around and have not decided / not decided to buy. What is the problem? Try making these small changes to your website and you will see your sales volume increase. Look at how visitors / visitors will become customers. Here are 5 psychological tricks to increase the volume of sales of the online store:
1. Contrast
On the Internet, if you can attract the attention of visitors, you have a good chance of converting them into sales. Use contrast effects to increase sales in your online store. There are several frequently used contrast effects:
– Displays a larger product image than other product images. A difference, such as shape or size, will attract the attention of visitors to pay attention to these different shapes or sizes.
– Distinguish the nominal color of the normal price from the nominal color of the discounted price. Usually the color of the normal face price is black and crossed out, then the face color of the discount price is red. The color red automatically attracts the attention of visitors. This color contrast also emphasizes the difference between the highest regular price and the lowest discount price.

2. The herd mentality
The herd mentality in the modern age is behavior that is guided by the behavior of others around you. That is why there are often people who buy things that sometimes they do not need, but like many people buy, they also buy. Yes, especially women … there are reasons to spend money. Okay, how to take advantage of this behavior in the Internet world. Take advantage of the herd mentality behavior in your online store, try to pay attention to the e-commerce website, you often find special areas to display “recommended products”, “most bought products”, “related products” or “best selling products” . Or it is shared on the side, in the middle or at the bottom of your website. Yes, it is a trick that indicates that many people are using it. And visitors will also be interested in buying the products that the area offers.

3. New
The word “NEW” has a strong enough magnet to attract customers. Therefore, you will often find online store websites that post special pages for NEW PRODUCTS or NEWS.

4. The paradox of choice
Offer options that are not too many on one page. Too much of what it shows, so your visitors will be fatigued seeing each other. And it seems complicated. Suppose you show 6 to 12 products on 1 page, it is better to show 24 to 48 products on 1 page, especially the pictures are small. The fewer visitors pay more attention to each article offered.

5. Scarcity
The shortage of products psychologically leads people to fear missing opportunities. The shortage tricks you can use include: include the amount of available stock, limited products sold, limited designs, or only 1 pc per design. Then people will compete to buy your product.

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