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11 keys to the success of online stores Updated for 2021

Posted at February 23rd, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 12, 2021

11 keys to the success of online stores

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11 keys to the success of online stores

Opening an online store seems easy. To run your online store business, it takes commitment, patience, and hard work. Here are 11 keys for a successful online store to obtain abundant results:

1. Product photos

Photos of your products must be authentic. Make the product photo display as attractive as possible. If you sell fashion products, you can display photos of your products with a mannequin, or if your business is growing enough, you can use the services of models and photographers. Pay attention to the quality of your product photos. Don’t take photos that are too small, much less break the image. The photos should be enough to attract the attention and interest of your potential clients. If necessary, you can display product images from the front, side and back.

2. Complete product information

Please provide information about your product as completely as possible, both in terms of material, size, color and other details. The more complete the better. So that your potential clients don’t have to ask you again because the information is quite complete.

3. Delete contact

Provide as many alternate contacts as possible. You can provide your mobile number, BlackBerry PIN, email address, Facebook account, line account, Yahoo Messenger, etc.

4. Quick response

When a prospective buyer contacts you by phone, Facebook message, SMS, BBM, or instant messaging, don’t delay in responding. Respond immediately if your condition is not occupied.

5. Response of potential buyers even if it is too late

Even if it is too late, try to answer. Don’t ignore it completely. If you ignore it, this will give you a negative impression. And potential customers will hesitate to order.

6. Have multiple bank accounts

Provide many alternate bank accounts for making payment transfers.

7. Give security and maintain

Transparency regarding the stock of products being sold, when they may be available and when it will reach your hands is highly anticipated by your customers. Don’t play with customers by giving them information uncertainty, much less making promises that may not be kept. Provide the delivery receipt number so the customer can verify the position of their shipment.

8. Clear purchasing instructions

Each online store has different ways of buying. Make a clear ordering procedure. To make it easier for the customer to order.

9. Details of the price of the goods and shipping costs

Clearly indicate the price of the goods and the shipping costs. Do not harm either party.

10. Continuous updates

Please be diligent with product updates. The more often you update, it shows that your online store is active.

11. Friendly design and navigation

The layout and navigation of your website makes your potential customers feel right at home. Also pay attention to the ease of access to the website of your online store. If necessary, you can prepare a mobile version for your online store website. So that you can attract customers of mobile phone users.

6 strategies to create a successful online store

The online store / online store is now very familiar to our ears. By creating an online store, the benefits you get are multiplied thanks to the wide market coverage. It may even be cheaper for the capital. Because you can run it without a real store, so you can save on store rental costs. Like a real store, an online store is a place where you can display your products. So how do you manage to run an online store? Here are 5 strategies for creating a successful online store:


1. Design and characteristics of the online store
The creation of an online store can be done in several ways, it can be with software such as OpenCart, Prestashop, VirtueMart, etc. Besides the software, you can use free blogging services like Blogger, WordPress, etc. Or for those of you who don’t want to hassle with using the Shopify service, of course, you will be charged a monthly fee.
Regardless of how you choose to create an online store, all you need to pay attention to to attract visitors is the design and features of your online store. Design has a huge impact on sales results. Make your online store as beautiful and comfortable as possible to visit. The layout of the functions is easy on the eyes, so that visitors can stay in your online store. These are the tips:
• Choose a professional online store template, pay attention to the color scheme.
• Pay attention to the layout of the product displays you offer, provide complete information about your product
• The combination of supporting functions such as navigation, slide shows, banners, etc.
• Clarity of purchase methods, payment methods and delivery methods
• A clear contact widget to make it easy for buyers to contact you

2. Customer service
Customer service is necessary so that your customers can more easily ask you about various aspects of the products and services of your online store. For your online store, it is better if you explain the hours and hours of your online store. So that customers do not contact you outside these hours. It is important to keep several things in mind:
• Respond quickly to messages from your customers
• Receive suggestions and input from your customers
• Say “thank you for contacting us” before responding to customer messages
• Apologize if something adverse happens even though it is not your fault, such as the delay in the arrival of the package at the destination address.

3. Attractive and quality product photos
Quality product photos are the key to the success of selling your product. These are the tips:
• Photo quality should be good / not broken
• Provide true color photo display, don’t edit too much. It can be a small watermark to make it more attractive. However, as long as the color of the photo and the original color do not change too much. Because sometimes the photo color is darker / lighter than the original color. Customers are often a bit disappointed because the colors are not exactly what they imagined.
• Full product photos from all sides (front view, back view and side view)
• Before uploading, photos should be compressed so that they are not heavy when uploading.

4. Create a reseller system
Resellers are people who help sell their products by taking advantage of the discounts they offer. Resellers can boost your sales. Your profit per item is lower, but in terms of quantity, your products sell more. The truth is that the reseller’s terms are clear and mutually beneficial to both parties. For example, you put a minimum order limit or you can decide to accept to leave it or not, etc.

5. Learn Internet Marketing SEO
Why do you need to learn SEO? Because 90% of the visitors come from search engines. At least you have to understand about SEO because the benefits are enormous to increase the ranking of your online store in search engines.
6. Make the most of social media
You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, etc. to promote your products and direct your visitors to your online store.

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