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13 Ways to Increase Traffic Through SEO

Posted at March 2nd, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 10, 2021

13 Ways to Increase Traffic Through SEO

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13 Ways to Increase Traffic Through SEO

For a blogger or online businessman, traffic is very important because all bloggers or internet marketers want their website to be famous and can be a profitable business. Actually there are many ways we can do to help increase the number of visitors to our site. One of them is SEO. SEO or stands for (Search Engine Optimization) is a method or technique to make our website or blog to be on page one in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The questions that often arise are:

How do you optimize your pages and articles on your blog / website to get high rankings on Google? What are the things that need to be done to get high ranking on Google with an article?
Here are 13 ways to increase ranking on Google / effective ways to increase ranking through SEO:

1. Focus on the Long Tail
Write more quality articles for specific keywords. No need to focus on keywords with many and popular searches. Because it will be difficult to do especially if your website is new. Focus on longtail keywords. These keywords are what provide better conversion rates.
2. Be consistent
Consistently updating your blog and website. Websites / blogs that are years old with websites that are weeks or months old, of course, will be different. Take care of your website / blog to be in your business niche.
3. Optimize Articles
Optimize articles on your website when publishing articles with: meta title, description and keywords. This is a simple matter but has great benefits.
4.Don’t Forget About Link Building (which is ethical)
Link building is the off-page basis for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The best part is that you can place the link anywhere. Try to ask your vendors, partners, press or clients who are credible so that you can embed keywords and hyperlinks back to your website for the keywords you are targeting. Especially if they have a high page rank, then you will see your ranking go up in less than two months.
5. Use Google Keyword Planner
Look for long tail keywords that are not competitive. But, if you are in a competitive niche then start with Google Keyword Planner.
6. Give Value (Value) to Your Website Visitors
The most important thing that you always remember is that content is king (content is a king). So prioritize content if you want to build large and fast traffic. Create quality content so that visitors feel at home on your website. Give value (value) in the form of valuable information. Double check whether your content is good enough, interesting and informative before you decide to publish it.


7. Don’t Outsmart Google
To increase organic search traffic, you need to produce quality content that’s relevant to what your visitors are probably looking for. Check Google Keyword Planner to make sure the keywords you are using are correct. Don’t ever try to trick Google, maybe it will work for a while, but it is not a good strategy for the future and the long term.
8. Think of SEO as an Opportunity to Create Value
SEO is not a game. Create content that has value and Google will consider your article worth searching for. Of course, visitors prefer that the content can be enjoyed by reading it, they will feel at home on the website and spend longer. Meanwhile, bloggers, media and other people can use your website as a reference, which means more organic links.
9. Lower your Bounce Rate
There is one thing that search engines dislike, which is a high bounce rate. Check your keywords, and try to optimize the page to reduce your bounce rate. Search engines will like you for it.
10. Produce quality content
Search engine rewards people or companies who create high-quality, consistent content. Things like author rank on Google+ will have a big impact on organic search results. Try not only to create content and publish it online, but also to be able to maximize the value of the content so that it can be properly distributed across all distribution channels and has a chance to go viral.
11. Create a Company Blog to Increase SEO Traffic
SEO is king in organic search traffic. The more keywords that are popular in your niche, the more organic searches that lead to your website. Too much text on the main website page can make it difficult for consumers to find the information they expect. Instead of deleting it from the website, try for to start a separate blog as additional SEO work. Use blogs to write about your niche.
12. Collaborate with industry experts as leverage
Experts tend to produce content that has value that will appeal to their visitors. Start convincing industry experts / experts to give opinions / make guest posts on your blog. Experts usually have loyal fans. Opinions from experts can attract the attention of loyal fans, this can be a leverage for your website / blog.
13. Create a Community
Create a community, answering questions from your community is important to increase traffic on your website. If the community asks a lot of questions, of course the question and answer process will provide quality, informative and relevant content. Especially if you are diligent in providing answers to your community’s questions, Google will increase the ranking of your website.

Why is my website empty of visitors?

What do you expect from your website? Of course, so that many visitors, many give comments, provide a lot of information and even more so expect people to buy the product you are selling. So what happens if your website is empty of visitors? Like a shop, if you want a product to sell well, make sure the visitors are crowded. Likewise with the website. How many visitors to your website a day? Maybe 1-10 visitors or often none. Then identify the cause.
Here are 8 reasons that make the website empty of visitors:

1. Your website is considered less attractive.
If your website is less attractive then you can be sure that visitors will immediately leave your website. Less interesting here could be because your page is too crowded / too excessive, lots of advertisements are installed, so it is difficult to tell which article is the ad. Or it could be that the articles you make are less interesting, because the content is less informative and less useful. Make articles according to your interests. Especially if the article is related to your profession, because it will be easier to convince visitors.
2. Slow or heavy loading speed.
It is not new in this country that the internet connection is slow and sometimes even drops. Therefore, if your website contains large images and heavy structured advertisements, the loading to your website will be slow and heavy. Most visitors dislike opening websites that take a long time to wait.
3. Lazy to learn SEO techniques
Your article has not been detected in search engines / search engines, so learn about SEO.
4. Not diligent enough to take a walk to visit other people’s sites.
Take a walk to someone else’s site in the hope of a reciprocal visit. Always interact with other people’s websites / blogs, in the hope that they will visit.
5. Too often leave a link in the comments column of other people’s websites.
Sometimes this does not increase the number of visitors, in fact many do not like this action
6. Lack of attention to comments and answers
Answer and respond to questions and comments in your comments column properly, then make a return visit to the website that provides comments. If there are comments that are not pleasing, then it is better to delete or enter into spam, avoid answering and arguing in your own comments column. Because this will make your website look less attractive.
7. Update rarely
Rarely do content updates, making visitors lazy to visit your website. Make regular content updates.
8. Less Promotion
It could be that you are not promoting your website. You can use social media to promote it such as faebook, twitter, google +, etc.

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