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5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Online Business

Posted at February 27th, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 10, 2021

5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Online Business

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5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Online Business

Here are some of the benefits of using email marketing in your online business:

1. Reaching Directly to Costumer
Yup, by sending an email, the information you provide will directly reach your customers. Email is very personal and of course your email will be immediately received by your customer. Moreover, nowadays e-mails can be accessed via mobilephone, even more than 50% of e-mails are read through mobilephone.
2. Personal
Email marketing has a personal or personal character made with the aim of getting relatively greater attention from customers or prospective customers. All applications, social media accounts and other accounts use email. So that when you promote and provide information via email, the message you receive will be very personal. Moreover, if the promotion you offer is attractive and relevant to the needs of your prospective customers and customers.

5 Benefits-of-Email-Marketing-for-Online-Business

3. Build Good Relationships
Email has reached your personal customer area, so you can build a good relationship with your customer. With email you can also be closer as if you send messages to your friends. And this will be very appreciated by your customers. Email marketing helps you build sustainable relationships, you will still be able to build good relationships by also attracting closeness with those who have been working with you for a long time.
Email marketing can help convert passive customers into active customers. Not only for promotional media, email marketing can also build good relationships (build relationships) with potential customers and strengthen relationships (sustaining relationships) with your loyal customers. Email marketing content doesn’t always have to contain promotions, you can also send important information, tips and more.
4. Fast Information Delivered
Yup, information will be received very quickly. Once you set up your email marketing message and send it, they get the information right away. In contrast, you use advertising where the ad takes time to see its audience. By using email marketing you can reach potential customers wherever they are even when they are outside the island or abroad. So that they can make an order or order your product as soon as they receive and read your offer email
5. Low Cost High Value
Email marketing can be said to be cheap enough with email marketing will greatly save you money in promotion. Just pay for the company’s services, so you can immediately use email marketing as much as you like. In contrast to advertising where when your advertising costs run out, you have to provide more advertising costs.
To use email marketing, you need an email responder provider. However, the costs you pay are certainly much cheaper when compared to physical mail and advertisements. The value you will get from email marketing will also be higher because usually the responsiveness of direct mail is usually higher.

3 Autoresponders For Email Marketing

What is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is an internet program whose role is to capture visitor data and follow up by sending regular emails tailored to the needs of the owner. There are quite a lot of Autoresponder providers, ranging from free to paid ones. You just need to register with the autoresponder provider and follow the user guide according to the tutorial provided on each provider’s website. Here are 3 autoresponders that I recommend:

1. Aweber
AWeber is an email marketing software that is very popular among digital marketers, including in Indonesia. Featuring easy-to-use features this software has grown to be a very useful tool for marketing beginners. If you are looking for a complete solution for developing marketing with email marketing through regular updates, AWeber is the autoresponder that could be your choice.

AWeber’s strengths:
• Autoresponders, automatically schedule messages to your email subscribers.
• Customer Service Support 24 hours 7 days a week
• Easy setup, intuitive account setup for creating your first email lists, web forms, and autoresponder messages. Emails can also be imported from other third party accounts
• Broad information base, from step-by-step videos, webinars, blog posts and email marketing guides to subscribers.
• RSS to Email, this feature is a huge time saver. AWeber can automatically retrieve your latest blog posts via the RSS feed and send them to your subscribers on a set schedule.
• Mobile friendly email design, currently most emails are opened via cell phones. AWeber offers more than 600 mobile responsive email templates for customers. Responsive templates automatically resize emails to fit your customers’ mobile screens.
• Built-in Integration with Optin Plugins
• Built-in Integration with Rainmaker Platform
• Email Designer, customize your email newsletter or post to match your website branding.
• Apps on Google Play and Apple App Store, install the free AWeber mobile app to track and update your Aweber account from your phone.
• Quote based on the number of subscribers
• Accurate tracking and surveillance

2. Get Response
The strength of Get Response is that it is intuitive in design and can make email newsletters pretty and attractive. They have various design templates which allow their users to use their creativity in creating their own email designs in promoting their brands and businesses. Pros of Get Response:
• Responsive email design
• Blocking feature for adding text and buttons
• Save meaningless parts and email history
• Loads of templates to make your email newsletter even more impressive with over 1000 iStock images.
• Basic landingpage Creator for each user
• Responsive email design with a mobile phone
• Various pre-designed templates
• autoresponder function
• RSS to Newsletter option
• Different types of sign ups
• Split Testing Function
• Social Media Sharing
• Easy to import data from other email services
• Allows for customer segments
• In-depth Analytics reports
• 24/7 Customer Support
• Prices vary according to the number of customers
3. iContact
iContact is easy to use with various business features to increase customer list. iContact is suitable for all levels of business, even for non-profit companies and educational institutions.

When composing messages, users can choose between one of the iContact templates or build a unique message using HTML. iContact offers tools for managing email lists that include subscription management, bulk subscriber uploads, and a drag-and-drop sign-up form builder. Other features include SpamcheckTM, a review system that ensures every email reaches your inbox. Reports display message tracks in real-time and allow users to quickly view marketing results from tracking the big picture, individual click behavior.

The social media feature allows users to schedule messages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Users can add social share buttons for email and increase reach, as well as include a registration form on the Facebook page to turn existing fans into the email contact list.

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