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6 Businesses To Increase Youtube Income

Posted at March 6th, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 11, 2021

6 Businesses To Increase Youtube Income

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6 Businesses To Increase Youtube Income

Only a few people know, understand and run an online business via Youtube. And more people spend their time watching Youtube videos, playing on social media without getting any income. If you are proficient in creating video content, be it motion pictures without sound in the form of tutorials, or recording unique and interesting events, or creating 3D images that can be uploaded to Youtube, this will give you special value if you monetize your videos on Youtube.

You can start being an online businessman from Youtube videos now, use the internet as best you can to generate more income. Here are 6 Business Ideas via Youtube:
1. Google Adsense
Google Adsense is the most obvious way to make money from Youtube. To get money from YouTube videos, namely by creating or registering for Google Adsense. After you register and set up your Adsense account, you can start showing ads on Youtube videos. The advantage of YouTube advertising is that you don’t have to look for advertisers because Google manages all of that. The important thing is that you become a Youtube partner.

2. Affiliate link
Add an affiliate link to the descriptive text section of your video. You get a commission from your video viewers who view the affiliate link, then visit the link and make a purchase. Therefore, your video content must be related to what you are promoting on the affiliate link.

3. Selling Links
Sell ​​the link in your video description. You get a commission from entering these links that lead viewers to the advertiser’s website or blog. Be careful when using this method. If you have a YouTube channel with a large number of subscribers and you are renting out your description area to link advertisers that are not related to your content, it could damage your reputation and make your subscribers run away.



4. Paid Reviews
You can make money by creating product review videos. Can make reviews about the latest products, product benefits, product advantages, etc. Usually a product sponsor who offers you to make a review of their product. For example, you have a hobby of making video tutorials for make up or reviews of cosmetic products. So it is not uncommon for cosmetic products to be willing to sponsor you to make reviews about their products.

5. Promote Your Products and Services
If you have your own product, you can provide promotional product offers to your customers. Upload a video about your offer.

6. Selling Youtube Channels
Same is the case with blogs where bloggers can sell their blogs, on Youtube you can also sell your Youtube channel. With a note that when you decide to sell your Youtube channel, you must show proof that your channel has a lot of subscribers and generates good search engine traffic. Channels that attract search engine traffic are more valuable than channels that only bring in visits from subscribers.

6 Most Crowded Youtube Niche

Many have asked, what kind of video is the most searched for on Youtube? I often encounter this question, especially for those who make Youtube their way to earn money. One of the main keys, is knowing market taste. Before you make a video, you should first highlight what characteristics you will highlight. Here are 6 characteristics of Youtube videos that many viewers like, namely:
1. Funny Videos
Funny characteristics are often a mainstay on Youtube because they can entertain those who visit. Funny characters are also not boring if watched repeatedly. Cuteness is what makes Radiyta Dika very popular on Youtube with subscribers reaching 1,417,814. The videos Raditya uploaded are all filled with ridiculous things in everyday life.

2. Video Tutorials
Video tutorials not only make you famous but are also useful for Youtube users who want to learn certain skills. If you have expertise and skills in a field, there is nothing wrong with making a tutorial vieo. Key words “How to …” or “Ways To …”. Video tutorials are pretty much looking for it. With videos, people will find it easier to learn the skills or expertise they are given. Also makes it easier for them to understand what step by step what to do. For example: at this time there are also many look for make-up and hijab style tutorials. For those who like make up, they can share their knowledge via Youtube videos.

3. Inspirational Videos
“True Story” stories often easily hypnotize audiences. Inspirational stories are always a concern of many people. Sometimes these videos can make the audience feel blue with the story that is presented or smile to themselves and be motivated to be better.

4. Video Reviews
Make a video review in the form of a product review. You can compare one product to another. Both the problem of price, product quality, advantages and disadvantages of these products. If you are a technology lover, you can review the latest gadget products. If you are a woman who likes to dress up, you can review one beauty product with another.

5. Private Videos
Many people tell their personal lives by making videos and uploading them on Youtube. Not a few of them are popular because of it. Personal videos can be about hobbies, habits and other daily activities.

6. Strange and Shocking Videos
Things that are strange and surprising usually arouse curiosity to watch it. Creating strange and surprising things will attract the attention of Yotube users. Not a few have led to popularity.

One thing that must be considered, avoid making videos with pornographic content and elements of SARA. Try to keep all the videos that you upload is 100% authentic.

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