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6 Email Marketing Success Tips that you must know !

Posted at February 27th, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 10, 2021

6 Email Marketing Success Tips that you must know !

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6 Email Marketing Success Tips that you must know !

Email marketing as a marketing strategy that can generate high ROI (Return Of Investment), requires hard work and continuous efforts to make it happen. Of course there are tips for successful email marketing, if other people can run it successfully then you can too. Here are 6 Email Marketing Success Tips:

1. Consistent communication
One of the goals of email marketing is to build two-way communication. Make it a means of interaction to be close to your prospective customers or customers. By regularly communicating with your readers, your chances of email marketing success are even greater. In email marketing you can include your website address, your social media and your email for dialogue. Email marketing is a great tool to build readers’ trust in you and what you have to offer.
2. Create a database
Make your email recipient database / list building. This will make it easier for you to run your business. Whatever you offer you need list building. The greater the number, the greater your potential for success. It is even very useful for selling your next and next product too.
3. Focus on content
Avoid continuous hard selling and emails with repetitive content. Your readers will get bored if you are showered with repeated content and continuous promotions. Occasionally provide content in the form of articles that are useful to them, give away free e-books, video case studies, etc.


4. Automate with an autoresponder
Automate the sending of email marketing, you can use an autoresponder. You can schedule email delivery. Arrange it in such a way that the delivery schedule matches the target you want. Learn the best hours and days for emailing and email delivery lags. The more proficient you are, the more you understand that there are certain and best times to send promotional or informational emails. The more you understand, the more conversions you will get.
5. Make sure to enter the inbox
Avoid free, offers and other words that are widely used by spammers. Make sure the email you send goes to your reader’s inbox. Don’t let the email you send run to spam. The secret so that your e-mails are only sent to your inbox is by e-mail confirmation. Usually when you visit a certain website and are asked to register / sign up, the website will send a confirmation to our email and you just have to click the confirmation link. Well, that’s a way to make sure the emails their websites send out stand by in your inbox.
6. Use Social Share
Currently, many email marketing tools have social share plugins. Make sure you use this tool. When readers read your submitted content and they like it, they can share it quickly and automatically.

5 Key Secrets to a Productive Email Marketing Display

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy to increase sales conversions and is very efficient in terms of time and funding. Almost all of the successful online business people take advantage of email marketing strategies. As a result, your website will get continuous traffic, your customers will continue to get updated information about your business, the presence of your loyal customers, etc. So, what’s the secret so that the email you send generates? Here are 5 key secrets to the appearance of email marketing that produces:

1. Create an Attractive Headline / Title

An attractive title and headline are your first secret keys to attracting the attention of your prospective customers and customers. With a title / headline that is attractive and stands out and invites curiosity will guide them to read the email you sent. For that you have to be creative in finding variations of words that invite their notifications.
For the title, don’t be too long, look for words that are short and that hit them. For example: Hurry !!!, you must read this !!!, Last Chance …, 2 hours only …, Released …, etc.

2. Impressive Design / Appearance

After your readers enter the email you provide, the next key is an impressive design / appearance. The display will prompt them to read the email you send. Design visualization plays a role here. The combination of pictures and writing needs to be considered carefully. The most important thing is that the writing is not too long, the reader is most annoyed to see writing that is too long. It is not uncommon for them to close your email immediately even though the content of the email you convey is useful. Readers are most pleased with images. For example: a promotional email for a special discount, it could be with a few sentences but preferably an attractive image.

3. Content That Generates Conversions

The third key is content. If email information, then provide content that is useful for readers so that it will direct readers to visit your website and your website traffic will increase. If it’s a promotional email, then you need a special strategy so that the content generates conversions. E-commerce usually provides special discount promotions and vouchers. The secret to converting content is limitation and urgency. Give a limit in terms of time and number of products. For example: Crap !!! Chance stay for today …, only 10 products left …., etc. Next is urgency, the more urgent it is, the quicker your prospective customer will take action. If there is no urgency, they will think later and end up not buying the products you offer.

4. URL placement

The fourth key is URL placement. URL placement is very important, there are three positions that you can place the URL in, namely: at the beginning / opening, in the middle / content, at the end / closing. Usually it is best at the beginning and end. You can put the URL at the beginning and at the end at the same time. Don’t forget to give your URL link color different from the color of your content text so that your URL link is easier for readers to click on.

5. Email Templates

The fifth key is to use a fixed composition template for email marketing.

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