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6 Ways To Make Money From YouTube

Posted at March 6th, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 11, 2021

6 Ways To Make Money From YouTube

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6 Ways To Make Money From YouTube

If you want to get money from Youtube then you have to upload unique and interesting video content to Youtube. Your chances of getting income will be even greater as the number of viewers. Currently, there are so many people who make money from the videos they upload to Youtube, there are even people who make tens of millions to hundreds of millions of rupiah per month. You want too right? So, where does the money come from?
Here’s an overview, you can find various types of videos on Youtube, ranging from video tutorials, music videos, news videos, funny videos, technology videos, movie trailer videos, and many other videos. When you visit one of the videos on Youtube you often find advertisements there, either in the video section or in the sidebar. These ads usually appear on videos with quite a lot of views. The video owner’s income comes from ad clicks or the number of ad views that appear on the video.

Here’s what you need to do in order to become a Youtube partner and make money from their services. Here are the steps:
1. Create a YouTube Account
Please register email from google (gmail). If you already have it, you can log in to your Google account (gmail), then open the site www.youtube.com. The next step is to create a channel for your YouTube account. Click the “My Channel” link on the left. Later an option will appear, whether we will use the real name (the name when registering for email) or use another name as the channel name on Youtube. You can use another name as the name for your YouTube channel, for example your website’s domain name or a special name. Click the link “To use a business or other name, click here”, then you will be directed to a new page.



2. Upload Videos Routinely
Be diligent in uploading videos, you need to keep updating videos. Youtube itself wants long-term cooperation with its partners and Youtube really appreciates those who regularly upload new videos.
3. Make sure your video does not violate copyright
To be able to make money from Youtube, your video content must be original. The content of this video must be your own or a video whose material does not violate the copyright of others, from the video material (video clips, images, logos) to the back sound. The more videos that are uploaded to your channel, the greater the opportunity to earn from Youtube. Remember, never upload video material that violates the copyrights of others into your Youtube Channel because this can cause your account to be in trouble at a later date. Of course you don’t want your account to be banned right?

4. Increase the Popularity of Your YouTube Channel
There are many ways you can do to increase the popularity of your YouTube channel. Among others are:
 Upload videos that are useful, unique, interesting and of good quality. We recommend that the video that you upload has a good resolution and the appearance is clearly not broken.
 Focus on uploading video content that suits your niche or interest. For example, consistently making parody videos. If you are consistent, your subscribers will increase. That way your channel will be easily recognized by YouTube users.

5. Expand and Grow Your Video Audience

Expand the viewers and subscribers of your channel. Invite your viewers to become subscribers to your YouTube Channel. Promote your video or YouTube channel to social media, like facebook, twitter, etc. If your video content is really good, then viewers and subscribers will not hesitate to share your video on their social media.

6. Signing up for Google Adsense
This is the most important part, namely Google Adsense. Usually channels that have videos with lots of views will get an invitation directly from Google Adsense. But if we haven’t gotten the invitation, we can register with Google Adsense. If you previously had a Google Adsense account, then you don’t need to register again. Connect your Google Adsense account to your Youtube account, of course, the email used must be the same. After the Adsense account is connected to the Youtube account, then you just have to wait for the income that comes from your videos.

Beware of Copyright on YOUTUBE

One of the biggest problems with video-sharing websites like Youtube is the issue of copyright infringement. Copyright / License is a form of protection for written, literary, drama, music, film, graphic and audiovisual works. Copyright infringement occurs when a copyright work is reproduced, displayed or addressed to the public without the permission of the copyright owner or without the legal rights to do so. Copyright infringement on Youtube is usually found in Audio, music / songs included in the video. Even though it’s only a 20-second song, Google can detect it as copyright infringement.

If you have a video of your own work, then your video is used / uploaded by other people without permission, then you have the right to ask Youtube to delete the video. Youtube provides a feature to file an appeal / dispute. But be careful with this, if you abuse the process, you can get into trouble with the law. Or you have experienced something like this, the video that you upload gets a claim for third party content that causes your video to not be monetized. That is what copyright protection is for. The need for a fair policy from Youtube as protection.

There are several ways to get copyright claim-free:

1. Make an original video
This is the most sportive way to upload videos on Youtube, namely making original videos. Youtube strongly recommends that the videos you upload are original videos to avoid claims of third party video content.

2. Edit videos using software
You can also use software assistance to create or edit videos. With the software you can add video clips, shorten or lengthen videos, cut and combine videos into one, add new effects to videos, change the sound of videos, slow down or speed up videos, add music.
If you are using a video editor software, make sure you edit or change the sound and video clips. For example, don’t combine a video clip with a copyrighted song, you can change the sound effect on the song or add a DJ effect and then combine it on the video clip. Youtube has a very sophisticated detector system, it can detect third-party content only from the sound and video clips that you upload.

3. Editing Youtube Online Videos
You can also create and edit videos online on Youtube. The video editor model provided by Youtube is almost the same as Movie Maker.

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