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Blog history you should know ! Updated for 2021

Posted at February 22nd, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 11, 2021

Blog history you should know !

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Blog history you should know !

Blog history
Jhon Barger was the first to introduce the blog’s name in 1997. He uses the term weblog to refer to a group of personal websites that are constantly updated and contain links to other interesting websites accompanied by their own comments. Meanwhile, the pitas site (www.pitas.com) is the site that first created a free online blogging service in July 1999. A month later, ie August 1999, a disanfransisco company was launched call pyra lab your service. blogger (www.blogger.com) which has thus far become one of the largest blogger services on the internet. The service allows anyone with basic HTML and web programming skills to create their own blog online for free.
With the ease of the services provided by various sites managing these blogs, blogger development is also increasing rapidly. According to the statistics published by the blogger.com site, the number of users who use its services increases between 20 and 40% per month. After blogger.com and pitas grew quite rapidly, various sites also provided various online blogging services, such as Groukoup (www.grouksoup.com) or edithispage (www.edithispage.com). Since then, blogging has grown by leaps and bounds, making it even more difficult to keep up.


Most likely the first blog was the “What’s New” page of the Mosaic browser created by Marc Andersen in 1993. Mosaic was the first browser before Internet Explorer and even before Nestcape. January 1994 Justin Hall started his personal website “Justin’s Home Page”, which later changed to “Links from Underground”, which could be called the first Blog as we know it today. Until 1998, the number of existing blogs was still very small. This is because at that time special skills and knowledge about creating websites, HTML and web hosting were needed to create blogs, so that only those who are involved in the Internet, system administrators or web designers in their spare time create their own blogs. .

Types of blogs
Since the discovery of blogs until now, the types of blogs have continued to develop, which from a personal nature have now become more diversified. The following are the types of blogs that can be classified from the many blogs on the Internet:

 Political blogs: blogs that contain information on politics, both profiles, political campaigns and propaganda.
 Personal Blogs: Blogs owned by individuals that generally contain articles according to the interests and hobbies of the blog owner.
 Thematic Blogs: Dedicated blogs cover a particular topic, for example photography, online business, programming and others.
 Health blog: blog that deals with medical information.
 Literary blog: blog that contains articles related to literature and art, whether local, regional, national or international.
 Travel blog or Traveling: a blog that deals with tourist information for travel hobbies.
 Research or Research Blogs: Blogs that contain product surveys, problem analysis results, research, and research journals owned by individuals and research institutions, both private and government.
 Legal blog: blogs that discuss legal and criminal cases
 Media blog: blog about the latest information from both print and electronic media.
 Religious blogs: blogs that contain religious articles.
 Educational blogs: blogs that contain opinions about education or blogs belonging to educational institutions.
 Blog instructions (directory).
 Business blog: blog containing information and references on online and online businesses, information on business opportunities, currency exchange rates and business investments.
 Spam blogs.
 Fashion blog: the blog contains the latest news in fashion, hairstyles, latest clothing styles, etc.

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