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Frequently asked questions about Email marketing

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Updated: April 10, 2021

Frequently asked questions about Email marketing

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Frequently asked questions about Email marketing

How to build a Contact List for an email marketing program?
Start with a list of your business contacts. You can also increase the number of contact lists via the menu on your website for Join Member or Sign Up Free Newsletter. Offer something of value to your website visitors and customers.

What useful content can be provided in email marketing?
Anything, it can be in the form of articles, tips, special discounts, vouchers, training videos, tutorials, ebooks, catalogs, any case studies you can send to your customers or prospective customers.

Do I need to use an autoresponder service?
If you have an online business then … yes, you must use an autoresponder service. Building lists and email marketing is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to deliver your products and information to your prospective customers and customers.


How to get optimal results from an autoresponder?
To use an autoresponder you will need to build an opt-in list. This is usually done by providing valuable and useful information for free, but requires your visitors to provide their email address before they can get that information (eg using a squeeze page). Another technique for building a list is to collect email addresses when your visitors make a purchase on your website.

What if you have a Contact List database of tens of thousands?
The more the number the better, you can import data into an email marketing application. The same data will be automatically filtered and invalid data will be deleted. Better to have 5 thousand valid members than 10 thousand invalid right? Then the bounce email address (mentally not sent) and unsubscribe (leave the member) will also be recorded so that you have updated data and your email delivery works effectively.

Actually, how many people is the ideal number of Contact List?
For the number there is no limit. The more people who know and respond to your articles and promotions, the better. The greater the number, the greater the profit opportunity you will get, because the more potential traffic.

Does the recipient of email marketing need to be targeted at a specific segment?
If you already have a Contact List separated by category, this is great. If not, you can create a Custom Field through the email marketing application for this purpose.

Does email marketing work automatically?
Yes, e-mails are sent automatically following the Contact List that you entered as a database. Emails can also be sent automatically following the agenda schedule that you have specified.

What features are there in the email marketing application?
Broadly speaking, the menu consists of menus for managing the database / contact list, creating email marketing materials (Text & HTML Editor), the Custom Field menu and the email delivery report menu.

What is the difference between Spam Email and Email Marketing?

Email subscriber list
 Spam email: obtained without permission and without the knowledge of the owner of the email address. Usually obtained by buying data, stealing data, or crawling / collecting it automatically
 Email marketing: the owner of the email address knowingly gives out his email
Fill in the email sent
 Spam email: mass email (broadcast), the content is often irrelevant
 Email marketing: personalization (can be addressed by name), the content is what we want
If you feel annoyed with the email sent?
 Spam e-mails cannot stop receiving spam e-mails, because there is no mechanism to stop them. We can only press the mark as spam button
 Email marketing: can stop at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button or unsubscribe
Legal basis
 Spam email: against the law in many countries
 Email Marketing: does not break the law

Mobile Friendly Email Marketing Design

In designing email marketing, you must be able to give an impression to attract the attention of the reader. With a mobile friendly appearance, your email marketing can make your goal of attracting customers and visitors maximally. One of them is the persuasive principle, if you offer something that is useful to the reader then the reader will take the next action, which is to read further and click on any link. In this case, creating an email requires a responsive design because almost all emails can now be accessed via mobile devices.

Here are the rules that must be in place in designing a mobile friendly email:
When designing check back on the subject, name of the sender, and preheaders used. The first way to create mobile friendly email marketing is by displaying your name in the email notification on their smartphone screen. With a familiar name, you will have a great chance of getting email recipients to open and read the marketing emails you send. Place important information at the top of the email, when the reader looks at it the first time the reader will immediately know the important information, the benefits of reading it and not ignore your email. Email marketing that is mobile friendly must feature a pre-header. Why is that? Because with pre-header, email recipients will be helped to recognize your email earlier before they recognize you from the sender’s name and email subject. To attract and make recipients more enthusiastic about seeing and reading your email, you can write something creative and unique in the email marketing pre-header. This example shows where the sender’s name is in large font, the subject is clear and the benefits of reading are clearly conveyed.

Use Conventional Patterns
Make sure to create large buttons that are easy to click and tap / tap on links. For link placement, make sure the color contrasts and stands out from the rest of the writing. Never put links close together as they will annoy each other if the reader wants to click. You can combine the link with other useful information. Here’s a good example of using bold colors in email links to get the reader’s attention.

Repeat Item “Call to Action”
Call to action items should be placed at the beginning of the email and repeated again in the middle or at the end of the email, this will make it easier for readers to take action. For example in the newsletter below, MailChimp’s email repeats the call to action at the top and then at the bottom.


Focus on information that is important and interesting. Readers will only read emails for things that are interesting and relevant to their needs. Do not use long text, because long text is lazy for readers to open and they will even send the email in the trash.

Limit the amount of information
We recommend that you convey the information in stages, not all in one email. The information provided in stages and regularly will make it easier to accept. Especially for promotional emails, they are usually done very intensively. For some promotions, you should send a different email so that it is easier to understand and understand the promotion you are doing.
Pay attention to template designs
You must pay attention to template designs that are suitable for mobile phones. Simple changes will have a big impact on the response to your email. For example, with image size, placement of social media icons, etc.

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