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How important is traffic for your business?

Posted at March 2nd, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 10, 2021

How important is traffic for your business?

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How important is traffic for your business?

Many people are eager to be successful in internet marketing. Most hope to get income from the internet marketing they run. There are three main things to remember to generate income on the internet, namely: TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC and TRAFFIC. Yes, that’s the importance of traffic. How important? Hmmm …. very important. Traffic is the fuel in the world of online business. If you want to double your income then double the traffic to your website / blog. The more traffic that comes, the opportunity for more products / affiliate programs to be sold is also greater.
If you already have a website / blog with weighty content, an attractive and informative design, then focus on building traffic. It’s time for you to introduce your website / blog on the internet.
There are several ways to introduce your website:

1. Traffic can be brought in from search engines. Search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. The higher the ranking on search engines, the greater the chances of traffic you get. The easier it is for visitors to find your website.
2. Post an ad. Can be paid or free. advertising is the fastest way to bring traffic, especially paid PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.
3. Traffic from various sources. Can be through social media which is directed to your website.
4. Attached / coming back traffic. Get visitors to come back to your website.
Explode traffic to your website, your income also explodes. However, traffic is not the end result. If you sell an affiliate product / program, the end result is the sale of the product / service. Now how to convert your website visitors into buyers of your products and even loyal customers?

There are 3 powerful ways to convert your visitors:
1. Quality Products
Whatever product you are selling, make sure it is of good quality. Give detailed information about the products you offer. Understand the product you offer. Never give wrong information just to attract interest, otherwise your customers won’t come back again.


2. Use the power of words
The power of words determines whether a visitor will buy or not. Images and videos are used to make your website attractive, however, words attract visitors to buy. Use powerful and convincing words. The power of words sends a message to prospective buyers’ minds and moves their minds to buy. Try visiting successful websites. Learn strategies for the power of the words they use. You can apply it to your online business.

3. Build warm communication
Build warm communication with your visitors. Act like a close friend. Suppose you are talking directly with them. Be friendly with them. Respond to all comments and give a good response.

Converting visitors to buyers of your product takes practice. The more hours you fly, the more you will recognize the best patterns you can apply.

Main Cause of Decreased Traffic

Abundant traffic is the dream of all internet marketers. High traffic is certainly very beneficial, especially if you focus on internet marketing. Of course you as the owner and manager of the website are very happy. But, what happens if your website traffic suddenly falls free? Traffic drops dramatically suddenly and even disappears in a matter of days? Yes, you must be dizzy, confused about what to do, confused, etc. Before the incident, let’s first understand the causes of reduced traffic. Here’s why:
1. Subject to Penalty Impact
Oftentimes website owners don’t know that they are being penalized by Google or other search engines. In general, blogs or websites focus on Google search. If your target is on Google search, you should pay attention to Google’s algorithmic updates. So you can avoid penalties from Google.

2. Not Consistently Creating Content
Lazy to update the article is definitely a disease that makes traffic decline. Try to consistently manage your website. Schedule content updates. If you can’t consistently write content, then you can hire content writer services.
Too often updating articles also has an impact on decreasing traffic. for example in a day update 5 times. This is because Google thinks your website is spamming. Update your posts in the next few days. Let your previous posts indexed first.

3. Placing Excessive Ads
Hoping to have a quick income from a website / blog but wrong perception. So you put ads everywhere. This is very unfortunate, because if you place ads that are too much / too busy, it is likely that visitors will not want to read your article. Return it to yourself when you visit a website that has a lot of advertisements, especially if the ad is a pop up ad. This is very annoying, right? For that place ads appropriately.

4. Changing Templates Often
Websites that frequently change templates will reduce their traffic from the index page. For those of you who frequently change templates, you should think first before you change the template because not all templates have good SEO On Page attributes. user templates are lightweight templates, have proper meta tag structure and use pass headings. Prioritize to create or choose a template that is suitable for SEO. Many people are not satisfied with the appearance of their blog because it is not good, not bright enough or so. This is what triggers the decrease in traffic to your website.

5. Many Unreasonable Backlinks
Backlinks are very necessary and must be searched for, but make no mistake because if there are too many backlinks that are not good then search engines like Google will think that the backlinks you create are just an attempt to manipulate search engines, in the end you will get a penalty from Google. This is very sad. because you feel rushed and don’t see some of the reasons eventually your website / blog traffic is in freefall. This is one of the reasons for the decrease in visitor traffic which leads to penalties. To create a backlink you should first calculate it. Because with good or natural backlinks it will have a very good impact on your site.

6. Do not have pillar articles
A pillar article is one of the supporting articles behind other articles on the same website. Pillar articles or content is one of the articles that you must create to bring your website to life. Generally, pillar content is very organic SEO, it can be said that this pillar content is purely created only for internet users not for search engines. Keyword phrases are taken into account here and details are taken care of. You cannot underestimate this pillar article because to create this pillar article it was not created in just a few seconds but took hours to create it. This article will have a good impact on the continuity of your website

7. Slow Loading
Slow loading is very influential on your website traffic. This happens because your content is too heavy. Slow loading websites are disliked by Google and visitors. Make sure your website can load quickly and easily.

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