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How To Increase Website Visit Time Without SEO

Posted at March 2nd, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 10, 2021

How To Increase Website Visit Time Without SEO

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How To Increase Website Visit Time Without SEO

The process of lengthening the visit time is related to content optimization, so that it attracts visitors and spends time on your website. For now, forget about the SEO problem. Even those of you who don’t understand SEO can easily increase visit times.

Content is a product that we sell to consumers, the form can be text, images or videos. Content optimization is the key to prolonging the visit time. Here are the methods to increase visit time without SEO:

1. Make a Provocative Title
The title of the article is a major factor in attracting visitors to read the article. The length of the visit depends on the quality of the article itself. The better the content of the article, the longer visitors read it. Articles should be written in no more than 1600 words. Because if it’s too long, visitors will get bored reading it. Online media readers read articles with an average of 1,600 words.
2. Insert links to related articles
In online media links can be placed between posts. The point is to direct readers to continue reading other content that we offer. So that the visit time of each reader will increase. It remains only to arrange how to place the link precisely and provocative enough for the reader to click on.
3. Make a clear call-to-action
Writers in online media must have a clear call-to-action in each article. We just specify that the call-to-action is to make the reader read the next article, so what can be made is to create a link in each article. Or if the goal is for visitors to buy your product, the call to action is directed to your sales page. For example the call to action is a button “Order Here” or “Register Now”.


4. Place the image wide
Fast internet connection, allows you to place images that are wide enough. The number of visits will increase because image content can increase keyword vocabulary, only if we put the file name, ALT and TITLE of the image according to the targeted keyword.
5. Displaying data via tables / infographics
Still related to the previous point, infographics do tend to slow down the load time of the web but they are effective in increasing the length of time visited and if the data displayed is very useful, this type of content is effective in increasing the number of shares to social media.
6. Put an interesting video
If the video you display is interesting, visitors will watch it. We can search for relevant videos via Youtube, Vimeo, 9GAG.tv or others. Since we don’t spend money on making videos, this technique is quite efficient.
7. Do the discussion from a different point of view
If the article that you make is related to a topic that is currently hotly discussed in the internet world, then discuss the topic from a different point of view. This will attract the visitor’s interest, even if he or she has read the article on the same subject.

10 Ways to Increase Traffic Without SEO

If you don’t have the budget to create content and build better backlinks than your competitors, then you will never beat them in search results. If you are a newcomer to an already crowded niche or already have a lot of players, then it’s going to take a long time. You will only waste your time and energy if you continue to worry about not getting traffic from Google. You can find a way out. Traffic flows not only from Google alone, open the door to other traffic flows. You can take visitors to your website.
Here are the 10 best ways to generate traffic without Google:
1. Blog Comments
There are many blogs in your niche that get hundreds or even thousands of visitors every day. Give useful comments on other people’s blogs. The goal is not to include links, but to add value to conversations and grow your network. Use your real name, some readers will definitely click on your profile to get to know you more. Especially if you have content on your site that is related to that post, use the URL as a link.
2. Content Aggregator
How to get traffic if your blog or website is newly created? The trick is to enter your content in a well-known content aggregator, there are lots of people who will see it.
Some well-known content aggregators, namely:
• Alltop is a collection of various blogs or online magazine sites on the internet
• bizSugar.com is a community of small businesses and entrepreneurs alike.
• Growth Hackers are a community of sharing online marketing techniques
• Hacker News is a social news website that caters to the needs of programmers and entrepreneurs
• Inbound.org is a site for sharing and discussing content and online marketing ideas
In Indonesia, you can post articles in content aggregators such as Lintas.me. Pay attention to the rules that apply and do not submit articles that are not related to the aggregator site. Make sure the content is useful, original, high quality, and not just self-promotion.
3. Commenting on the Forum
Joining and starting conversation forums can generate instant traffic. Lots of conversations related to your niche. Commenting on forums is not about entering links, but more about engaging a conversation and adding value to the conversation. You must enter the right forum as this can provoke a large amount of traffic to your website. You can visit big forums like Kaskus. Join the right forums, follow the rules that apply, and become a member of the community. Avoid excessive self-promotion, if you provide useful information, visitors will come naturally.
4. Google+
Google+ is a social media that can provide a strong social signal. Google+ can give you a lot of traffic even if you don’t have followers. Join many communities here. Engage with other members by providing useful information and giving them +1. After you start to be recognized, and become a trusted person in this community, then you can post useful article links and other related blog posts.
5. Guest Blogging
Guest blogging has nothing to do with links – guest blogging is a way of increasing traffic. If your content appears on a well-known blog, you can achieve two things, namely:
• You establish an authority in your niche
• A number of readers of the blog will find out about your product or service and become your customers.

6. Q&A
Q&A sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers offer great opportunities to generate high and targeted traffic. If you can provide a real solution to an existing problem, you will probably have customers willing to use your solution. At least, you did something good. Do not spam this site by asking and answering your own questions. Your goal in doing this is to provide useful information and drive traffic.
7. Reddit
If you can find a relevant niche or subreddit that has thousands of subscribers and traffic, then Reddit is the choice you should take advantage of. The key is to create content that is relevant to the subreddit. On reddit there are unique rules that you should know and follow. You are not allowed to put a link to your site without useful explanations or content.
Participating in the community is important, so comment on others. Reddit has a voting system, so the more times you post, the better your chances of increasing your score.
8. Social Media
Most of the people think, Facebook is the best for getting traffic. Quite simply, optimize your Facebook profile and include a link to your website. Give conten which is useful continuously. Apart from Facebook, other social media such as Twitter and Instagram are platforms that have proven successful in increasing traffic.
9. Youtube
Youtube is the second largest search engine on the internet, the best performing videos are How-To videos and Tutorials. Niche videos can also drive a lot of traffic.
10. Email
Email is one of the most high-converting marketing tools.

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