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How to Make Youtube Marketing Strategy ? Updated for 2021

Posted at February 21st, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 10, 2021

How to Make Youtube Marketing Strategy ?

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How to Make Youtube Marketing Strategy ?

In this article, we will discuss a marketing strategy using YouTube. Before I discuss YouTube marketing strategies, I want to invite you to make money from YouTube. If you want to get money from Youtube, you need to upload unique and interesting video content on Youtube.

This is what you need to do to become a YouTube partner and earn money from their services. These are the steps:


1. Create a YouTube account
Register google email (gmail). If you already have it, you can log into your Google account (gmail) and then open the site www.youtube.com. The next step is to create a channel for your YouTube account. Click on the “My Channel” link on the left. Later an option will appear, whether we use the real name (name when registering for email) or we will use another name as the channel name on Youtube. You can use another name as the name for your YouTube channel, for example the domain name of your website or a special name. Click on the link “To use a business name or other name, click here”, then you will be directed to a new page.

2. Upload videos routinely
Please be diligent when uploading videos, you must keep updating videos. Youtube itself wants a long-term cooperation with its partners and Youtube really appreciates those who upload new videos regularly.
3. Make sure your video is not copyright infringement
In order to make money with YouTube, the content of your video must be original. The content of this video must be yours or a video whose material does not violate the copyrights of others, from the video material (video clips, images, logos) to the background sound. The more videos are uploaded to your channel, the greater the opportunity to earn money from YouTube. Remember, never upload video material that violates the copyrights of others on your Youtube channel because this can cause your account to have problems later. Of course you don’t want your account banned, right?

4. Increase the popularity of your YouTube channel
There are many ways to increase the popularity of your YouTube channel. Among others are:
 Upload videos that are useful, unique, interesting, and of good quality. We recommend that the video you upload has a good resolution and the appearance is clearly not broken.
 Focus on uploading video content that suits your niche or interest. For example, constantly making parody videos. If you are constant, your subscribers will increase. That way, YouTube users will easily recognize your channel.

5. Expand and grow your video audience

Expand your channel’s viewers and subscribers. Invite your viewers to become subscribers to your YouTube channel. Promote your YouTube video or channel on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. If your video content is really good, viewers and subscribers will not hesitate to share your video on their social media.

6. Sign up for Google Adsense
This is the most important part, namely Google Adsense. Typically, channels that have highly viewed videos will receive an invite directly from Google Adsense. But if we haven’t received the invitation, we can sign up for Google Adsense. If you already have a Google Adsense account, you don’t need to register again. Connect your Google Adsense account to your Youtube account, of course the email used must be the same. Once the Adsense account is connected to the Youtube account, you just have to wait for the income that comes from your videos.

These are the YouTube marketing strategies you can apply:

1. Have a meaningful channel name with your target keywords. Capitalize channel names to make it clear. If you are starting a YouTube channel about hijab, DailyHijabStyle is a better channel name than dailyhijabstyle23.
2. Enter a title for the channel. By default, the channel name is also the channel title, but you can edit it in the channel settings.
3. Enter a link to your website in the channel. YouTube allows you to add more than one link in the sidebar of your channel.
4. When uploading videos, enter the tags carefully. Enter low competition keywords. These keywords can be found outside of the AdWords Keyword Tool. You can also enter tags from other videos to make your video appear related videos when watching the video.
5. If you create infomovies (videos with slides and voice over) using PowerPoint or Keynote, make sure you have a unique custom background for your slides. The background can contain your site’s URL in the upper right corner or the lower right corner. With this technique you can get visitors even if your video is shown on other sites

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