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How to Make Youtube Videos In order to be viral

Posted at March 6th, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 11, 2021

How to Make Youtube Videos In order to be viral

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How to Make Youtube Videos In order to be viral

Do you like uploading videos on Youtube? It can be any video, you can calm down your hobbies, funny behavior, things that catch your attention, etc. If you also like to upload videos on Youtube, here are natural ways that can help you make your Youtube videos popular:

1. Create a unique and interesting video
The video content that you make must be something that attracts people’s attention to see your video. If your video can attract many people, they will invite other people to see it through sharing on several social media, this will certainly make your video more famous.

2. Make sure the title is unique
The title is the most important part in this. Many videos on Youtube can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of views in a few days because of a unique title. The title is the first thing people see to rate your video, so make sure your title is unique and intriguing.



3. The title must match the content
The title is indeed a first impression for customers, but if the title doesn’t match the content of the content, then your viewers and subscribers will run away and leave dislike. And the most important point is sharing on social media that can make your video famous. If your video title is deceptive, of course they will be reluctant to share your video.

4. Hot topics
Most people like to find out the latest and hottest news or information at the moment. You can also use this to publish via a video. The hottest news in the community can be about the case of artists, music, politics, and whatever other recent news.

5. Tag and video description
Providing tags and descriptions on each video can make it easier for the Youtube search engine to find your video. In addition, viewers will appreciate it more if your video has a clear description.

6. Do not upload videos with a duration that is too long
Customers will be very bored and leave if you upload a video with a long duration. They will think not to waste time viewing your long videos, especially for those with sub-standard internet connections, unless you upload movies, tutorials, music collections, and more ..

7. Make an original video
Make your own videos, make original videos will be appreciated more by viewers. Videos that are not original will not only get third-party claims about copyright, but can also affect the popularity of the video, especially since there are many other similar videos that are not original.

8. Post annotations on the video page
Make a link to paste on Youtube videos / annotations. By annotating the video page, it allows subscribers to visit your other video collections. The point is to introduce your other videos so that viewers can also see them.

9. Promote
After you publish your video on Youtube, don’t forget to also share the video on several social media. Can be promoted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Invite your friends to see your video collection. If the video is really interesting, they will surely flock to watch it. If you have a blog / website, then you can display your video on your blog / website.

10. Expand your video collection
If the videos you make are interesting, there will be many viewers who will become loyal viewers of your video. They will even look forward to your next video. If you have a large collection of videos, viewers will not hesitate to subscribe.

11. Reply to comments from customers
If you reply to customer comments, then they will feel very appreciated. In addition, your reply will be sent to their email so that sometimes they will visit your video again to read the reply to your comment. So, don’t hesitate to reply to comments from your customers. Sometimes you can get good feedback from your customers.

12. Expand subscribers
Expand your video subscribers so every time you publish a new video, they will automatically get a notification via email. And most likely many of them will see your latest video. Getting a lot of customers is quite difficult and takes time. Try practicing each of the steps above. Your subscribers will increase in number.

Hardware and Software That Help You Make Videos

Do you have an idea to make a video? You can find lots of creative ideas to make your videos interesting. Even the things that you think are simple things can attract a lot of enthusiasts. For example, you make a video about your expertise in a certain field, a review of the latest games, share your experiences during a trip to a tourist spot, etc. Even the behavior of a pet can be a funny video. Now what tools do you need to make videos?
You can use the following tools:
1. Use a Smartphone

Nowadays it is very easy to find a smartphone that can record. Smartphones are easy to carry so the recording process is easy. However, the sound and picture quality of the recording will not be as good as a special video device such as a video recorder. Smartphones generally have a lot of storage space, but video files take up that space quickly. Keep in mind that smartphone cameras may not be a good choice if you plan on shooting long videos. Also check if you can connect a device such as a microphone which can improve the video quality. Depending on the type of your phone, the video recorder may have its own application or may be available in other applications.
2. Use a webcam

Today almost all computers / laptops come with an integrated webcam (usually at the top of the monitor), or a webcam can be attached. You can get a webcam for a fairly cheap price. But remember, there is a price there is quality. Don’t just think it’s cheap. Most computers can handle webcam input with the built-in software, but if you need software, consider Video Booth, a free and intuitive software that has received many positive reviews from casual users and professional reviewers.

3. Use a camcorder for quality videos
Handycam is designed for video recording. Handycam / Camcorder functions to capture moving images, like a person making a movie. The resulting image quality is greatly influenced by the quality of the lens, the resolution chosen and the storage space. Besides, the most important thing about your video recorder is that it has an easy way to transfer videos to your computer.

After you record the video then you will edit the video before you upload it to Youtube. Here are the 10 best video editing software for PC:
1. Adobe Premier
Adobe Premier is an editor software that is very professional and complete and very detailed for editing videos to make them higher quality. This software is paid. Lots of features in this software.
2. Live Movie Maker
This software is the most widely used video editing software because it comes from Windows.
3. Camtasia Studio
This software is very popular among video tutorial makers and interactive CD makers. From the first, Camtasia Studio is superior in screen recording.
4. Lightworks
This software is not recommended for beginners because it is difficult to learn. But, the results are not in doubt. The result is a beautiful appearance and the ability as a reliable video editor to produce quality videos.
5. Sony Vegas Pro
This software is also difficult to understand. But in terms of features, you can count on Sony Vegas Pro. This software is also paid.
6. File Lab Video Editor
This software must be run online, aka using an internet connection. Used to edit videos such as trim, cut, rotation, mix, transitions, overlays, effects, and animations and can convert your edited video files to gadgets. This software is almost similar to the online version of Movie Maker.
7. VideoLAN Movie Creator
VideoLAN Movie Creator is very simple and easy to understand for beginners. You can create animated slideshows using this software.

8. Movie Storm
MovieStorm provides awesome animation effects. This software is 3D software for making various kinds of films. You can create cartoons, crime, horror, sports, etc.
9. VideoSpin
VideoSpin makes slideshows easier, is also very easy to use and can be used as an alternative to Movie Maker because the capabilities are not much different. The view from VideoSpin is also prettier.
10. Ezvid
You can use this video maker and editor for YouTube to create video slide shows from images in .JPG, .BMP, .GIF formats, and many more. There is also another feature, namely video recording.

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