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Problems Facing Beginner Bloggers Updated for 2021

Posted at February 22nd, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 11, 2021

Problems Facing Beginner Bloggers

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Problems Facing Beginner Bloggers

Things a blogger can do include honing writing skills to express ideas, convey a problem, and solve the problem. Bloggers can become great writers just from the habit of blogging. Many internet millionaires were born bloggers. You are undoubtedly interested in becoming the next internet millionaire, as those of you who are beginners often encounter obstacles to posting. These are the problems that novice bloggers often face:
1. Difficulty finding sources of inspiration to write articles.
Of course, it’s not easy for novice bloggers to find inspiration in writing. Of course, writing is not an easy job for a little knowledge of the world of writing. Along with the absence of a solid learning resource to serve as a written reference. They often have a hard time with what to write to fill the blog.
2. Difficulty writing articles from where
Maybe you’ve also experienced this where you don’t know where to write from, like what or how it looks. This is a problem that novice bloggers often experience when it comes to writing posts. As a result, the writing is also not finished. If you experience this, keep writing whatever comes to your mind, later you will find your own writing pattern. Then you read your writing and edit it. Over time, without your knowing it, you will gradually become a better writer.


3. Often concerned about quality items
The quality of the next item is a new problem. Publications must be of quality, unique and interesting. Of course, this is not easy for beginners and sometimes even advanced ones. The most important thing is to create articles that are necessary and useful for your blog readers.
4. Difficulty writing long articles
Perhaps for some people writing a 400-500 word article is common, but writing a thousand words is something that only a small percentage of people can do. As an illustration, the articles that rank at the top of the search engines are articles with more than 1000 words. Well, it’s a headache to think long articles if you’re not good at writing. Hahaha …
5. It is difficult to get comments from readers
Are you having trouble getting the reader’s response? Of course, many bloggers experience it. The lack of response is usually due to the quality of the articles we produce or the lack of phrases that lead readers to respond to your writing. It could also be because the article provided does not provoke more curiosity in the reader.
6. Difficulty getting visitors

Becoming a blogger known to many high traffic people is very decisive. It is through the number of busy visitors that a blog can be considered quality and worthy of referral (authority blog). Even so, the passage of time and the increasing number of articles and the process of finding the correct backlinks will be a solution to get visitors.

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