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SEO Optimization For Effective Youtube Videos

Posted at March 6th, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 11, 2021

SEO Optimization For Effective Youtube Videos

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SEO Optimization For Effective Youtube Videos

Optimization of YouTube videos is as important as article optimization, the goal is to make it easier for people to find your videos. Do you know how many thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day? Does the video that you upload have the opportunity to be seen by many people every day? unless your video is really a horrendous and unique video. Therefore it is very important to do video optimization, like an article with SEO (search engine optimization) for optimal results. For those of you who have been running Youtube Adsense for a long time, you must know the importance of optimizing videos so that your videos are ranked in the top of search results from both Youtube and Google.

Here’s How to Optimize the SEO for Youtube Videos:
1. Keyword Research
The importance of keyword research is to find out what keywords are currently popular and that many people are looking for.

2. Longer duration
Youtube viewer is of course looking for a video that is relevant to what they expect and in accordance with what they want. The ideal video length is 10-15 minutes. Present a video of sufficient duration so that viewers can access more complete information as well. Sometimes the short video duration is considered less attractive, because it is considered unable to provide complete information.



3. Keyword must be in the title of the video
Make a bombastic title but contain keywords / keywords. Put keywords at the beginning of the title. The role of keywords in the video is very decisive, you can make videos that are related to anything, but set a target for “video keywords” related to the title in your video.

4. Enter keywords in the video description
Description is useful to explain and briefly describe the contents of the video to viewers and search engines. Put keywords appropriately, if you put too much keywords it will make the video SPAM. The worst effect is termination of service and banned adsense. Make the description as natural as possible and definitely have to connect with the video itself. Try to always include the destination URL you want every time you create a description. Each description must contain the main keyword, and don’t forget to include your YouTube video URL at the end of the description.


5. Use Keyword In Tag
Add tags that match the keywords you choose. The video tag must also be related to your video. Then your video will appear in the sidebar when there are other videos that use the same tag as your video. Tag your video, click on suggested tags first, you can specify a category tag for your video type, after that you can add your own choice of tags using a comma, to separate tags from one another.

6. Upload HD Quality Videos
HD videos are preferred by Youtube and viewers because of their good image quality and are not cracked. Youtube editor also provides a tool to convert SD (Strandard Definition) videos to HD (High Definition). Currently the facility to make HD quality videos or record high-resolution results is very easy, even though the recording with a cellphone, it is enough to produce a resolution of 480p (Minimum). If you make video screenshots (for video tutorials and the like), use supported software that produces videos with good resolution (above 480p) HD.

7. Increase Channel Reputation
A good channel reputation gives a positive signal to the videos on it. A good channel means that a channel that has high relevance from one video to another is related to one another. The level of relevance of a channel is determined by how much time viewers spend watching the video.

8. Share and Promo Videos
Promoting YouTube videos can use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Social Bookmarking, Instagram, etc.

With SEO optimization for videos on Youtube, it is hoped that you will get results from Google search engines and Youtube searches.

Here’s how to sign up for AdSense via YouTube

As your YouTube videos accumulate more and more views, you may want to create an AdSense account which will be associated with the YouTube account. Successfully linking the two accounts means that you are entitled to receive payments.
To sign up for an AdSense account via YouTube, follow the steps below:
1. Make sure your YouTube account is enabled for monetization.

2. Submit your application to create a new AdSense account which will be linked with your YouTube account. Once your application has been approved, you will see a label “Host account” on the Home tab of your AdSense account.
Google will send you a payment in the month after your AdSense balance exceeds $ 100, assuming your YouTube and AdSense accounts are performing well.

3. If you also have a non-self-hosted website where you want your ads to appear, you will need to submit a one-time application form to tell us the URL of your site.
You only need to complete this step if you want to monetize your own website – you don’t have to take any other action to keep monetizing your YouTube videos.
After your one-time application is approved, the label “Host account” will be removed from the Home tab of your AdSense account and you will have access to generate the AdSense ad code needed to monetize your non-host partner websites.

Set up channels and videos for monetization
By becoming a YouTube partner, you can monetize videos on your channel and make money from the revenue you earn. Before you get started, check channel eligibility and learn how to opt in. Next, learn how to activate videos that are worthy of making money.
Turn on monetization on the channel
To check your channel’s eligibility and take part in monetization:
1. Open the monetization tab in account settings.
2. Click Activate My Account. You will only see this option if your account is in good standing and has not been disabled for monetization.
3. Follow the steps on the screen to accept the YouTube monetization agreement.
If your account doesn’t qualify for monetization, you’ll see a different message. You can learn more about why monetization is turned off and what you can do.
Monetize videos
Once you’ve opted in to a channel for monetization, you can enable eligible videos to monetize relevant ads.
1. Make sure your video meets the video monetization criteria.
2. Follow these steps to enable ads for the video you want to monetize. If there is more than one video that you want to monetize, follow these steps to monetize multiple videos at once.
3. In order to start receiving revenue, follow these steps to link your YouTube and AdSense accounts.
In order to make money from monetized videos (see your earnings in YouTube Analytics) and get paid once you reach your payment limit, you must associate an approved AdSense account with a YouTube account. You can create a new AdSense account or associate an existing account. Do not create duplicate accounts as this is against the AdSense Terms and Conditions. In order to connect with an AdSense account, your YouTube account must not be disabled for monetization.

Monetization for my channel is disabled
If monetization is disabled on your YouTube channel, it could be for several reasons. Any of the following actions may result in a payment hold:
• Trying to monetize videos you don’t own or other videos that don’t qualify
• Violating the AdSense Program Policies or YouTube Terms of Service
Check the monetization status of your channel
To check monetization status on your channel, go directly to the Status and features section of the channel or follow these steps to do so:
1. Sign in to your YouTube account.
2. At the top right, click your account icon> Creator Studio.
3. In the left menu under “Channels,” click Status and features.
How to re-enable monetization
Depending on whether the problem is with the video or channel, you can take steps to restore monetization. Click below based on your monetization status to learn more.
Please note that serious violations of the Partner Program Policies may result in monetization being permanently disabled on all of your accounts.

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