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The difference between Free traffic and Paid traffic

Posted at March 2nd, 2021 | Categorised in Business tips

Updated: April 10, 2021

The difference between Free traffic and Paid traffic

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The difference between Free traffic and Paid traffic

If you are asked which one you prefer, Free or Paid? Surely everything select Free. But for traffic, like Free or Paid? The choice is yours, which one is more suitable for you. Before making a choice. Let’s get to know more about free traffic and paid traffic. We must be wise in choosing traffic sources so that the results are maximized.

Free Traffic (Free)

The following are some ways to increase visitor traffic for blog / website visitors for free (Free Traffic):
1. Blog Walking
Blog walking is the activity of visiting other people’s blogs / websites that are still related to our blog, then leaving comments on that blog / website.
2. Through Social Bookmarking Sites
Social bookmarking websites were originally created to help netters save the website addresses they like, so that it will be easier for them when they want to open the website at a later date. In its development, social bookmarking websites are often used for SEO optimization and also to get traffic.


3. Through Social Media Sites
The growth of social media users has increased very significantly. Plus the development of smartphones has been very fast. Most smartphone users must have accounts on social media, of course this is a large enough potential traffic for us blog / website owners. Many businesses experience increased profits after they optimized social media for their business. Some of the social media that are often used to get traffic are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
4. Through the Forum Site
Discussion forum sites are often used by internet marketers as a medium to get traffic to their business blogs / websites. There are many forum sites that allow links in threads or in the signatures of their members. Make the most of it as possible. Some of the recommended forums to get traffic and backlinks are entrepreneurs.co, bersocial.com, forum.kompas.com, forum.detik.com, kaskus.co.id, and others. There are still many forums that we can use to get referral traffic, focus on some of the most potential forums for your business.
5. Guest Posting on Other Blogs
Many blogs provide opportunities for other people to submit articles / content and post a link on their blog. Of course, the articles / content that we post on the blog must match the criteria they specify.
The methods above have a good impact on the SEO of your website. Good SEO will certainly allow our website to get free traffic from search engines, for example Google.
* Free Traffic Benefits: that is FREE, you don’t need to leave your budget to get traffic
* Weaknesses of Free Traffic:
– Takes a long time
– The results can’t be fast
– It’s hard to double
– Often the changes that occur negate all the efforts you have put in
Free Traffic requires patience to get the desired results. If you are trying to get high rankings on Google then you will have to invest a lot of time and effort. The results cannot be fast. Sometimes it takes weeks or months. Your patience is really tested. But what really annoys me is when Google updates its algorithm and this happens a lot. If it is not in accordance with Google’s algorithm, the website may disappear from the page. Business name needs consistency. If you really work hard with free traffic it will eventually result.

Paid Traffic (Paid)
Some media have a very good impact in increasing traffic, but the media are really effective and in accordance with your internet marketing target. The following are some ways to increase blog / website visitor traffic in a paid way:

1. Advertise on Social Media Sites
Facebook is the most effective social media for advertising because this conversion of advertisements on social media has proven to be very good. Facebook ads have complete features compared to Bing Ads and Google Adwords. Because Facebook gives you facilities for images and a specific target audience. And this is very helpful for advertisers. On Facebook Ads, we can choose a target audience that fits the category we need, this is what will affect the effectiveness of the ads we post. Posting ads on Facebook Ads is very easy to do. We can set how much budget we want to spend on an ad click, and we can also set a target audience that suits our business and can control the schedule for advertising.
2. Installing PPC Ads

Google Adwords is the most well-known PPC advertising media company today. The advantages of Google Adwords is a very powerful ad. You will get targeted traffic. Yup, Google controls 80% of the world market. So you can advertise anything for any keyword. And when asked, the traffic is extraordinary.
3. Posting Ads on Online Classified Ads Sites
Another way to get traffic to your blog / business website is to use classified ad sites.

* Weaknesses of Paid Traffic: must be PAY, you need to allocate your budget for advertising
* Paid Traffic Benefits:
– Can be done quickly
– The results are quick to see
– Easily multiplied by increasing advertising costs
– The changes that occur are usually positive changes because there are new features that make advertising more optimal
The most effective paid traffic is Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. In order for your ad to be optimal, you should learn from those who have experience in this matter. So that the budget you spend is worth the results you expect. If you are thinking about saving on your advertising budget by using Facebook or Adword vouchers, I suggest you keep that thought away. Vouchers are very disliked by Facebook and Google. It’s the same with you trying to outsmart them. As a result you will be blocked.
Whatever your choice, whether free or paid traffic, you are the one who determines which one is more suitable for you to run. For beginners it will usually run Free Traffic. Experts who already understand their business patterns will prefer Paid Traffic. Because the development of online business is becoming faster. Both Free and Paid Traffic are good if done right.

That’s today’s post entitled The difference between Free traffic and Paid traffic, hopefully it’s useful. Please you can visit our other articles by looking at the article menu or on the “Sitemap” list. Please you can also visit our blog every day to get the latest posts. Thank you.

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